Squadra believes that everyone can get the best out of themselves with the right coaching and therefore every triathlete can register with the community. Squadra Community is for everyone who wants to train responsibly, is looking for tips and tricks, needs training schedules and possibly wants to train together for a triathlon.

Squadra Community offers personal training schedules for members and non-members of the community. For a monthly fee you receive your weekly swimming, cycling and running training sessions at your level via an online training platform. You can use these to train independently for a triathlon based on a personal training schedule drawn up for all three sports.

Lucas van Deynze

Lucas is 21 years old and has been involved in triathlon and coaching for years. He has also studied this further with his studies. He is also an active triathlete and member

from the Squadra team. As a coach he has already helped many people towards their personal goals. This applies to both ‘start to’ athletes and seasoned Iron man athletes.

Eduardo Ancheschi

Eduardo is 33 years old, has been involved in triathlon as an amateur triathlete since 2015. In Brazil, he was co-owner and manager of a Swimming, Cycling, Running and Triathlon Club.

He has his background in law, but always had the sport as a hobby and passion. In Netherlands work in a sports international trade area, as Logistic Manager for Squadra Triathlon Team, also is a member of Squadra Community since the first month that arrived in the country. His new goal is to make the Squadra Community the largest and most fun club in the Netherlands.