In every discipline of triathlon (swimming, cycling and running) technique is a very important factor, both for beginners as for advanced athletes. The top coaches of Squadra have bundled their knowledge of the three sports in three weekly group-training sessions for the Squadra Community members. This allows our members to take crucial steps forward in the sport. The focus is on technique and on triathlon-specific characteristics:

  • Swimming training: the swimming training sessions focus on the basic principles and swimming techniques of front crawl. The purpose of the training sessions is to lift the swimming technique of all participants to a higher level.
  • Cycling training: the cycling training sessions will entail more than “just a simple cycling trip”. Various techniques will be addresses that will give the athletes (more) confidence on the bike in different situations, such as on the road, in the peloton, etc.
  • Running training: the running training sessions are constructive training sessions to eventually enable the athletes to run as technically as possible on their own ability by means of technique improvement and condition building.
  • Triathlon training: the triathlon training sessions focus on triathlon-specific skills, such as couple training sessions (here you train the load transfer from swimming to cycling and from cycling to running) and exchange training sessions (consciously focusing on the transitions, getting on and off the bike as fast as possible, walking with the bike, preparing your gear etc.)
  • Open water training: the open water training sessions focus on a number of techniques, like getting used to open water, orientation and navigation in open water, practising beach start, water start and ponton start, learning to swim in the group, positioning in a group and buoy curves.

The weekly training sessions, guided by our coaches Rik op het Veld en Ton van Hoesel, are for every level, at your speed, with your own target.

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