Terms and conditions Squadra community

Participant will participate in the Squadra Community and its activities. Squadra Road2Tri will guide the participant in the objective to make the participant better. Squadra Road2Tri has a best efforts obligation and is not responsible for the final result and is not liable in the situation that the participant, for whatever reason, was unable to achieve his or her intended goal.

During the training sessions that are part of the Squadra Community activities, it is unavoidable that situations arise in which there is some risk of injury / damage. The participant is obliged at all times to follow the instructions of Squadra Road2Tri in order to substantially limit the risk of injury / damage. The participant is aware of the fact that participation in the Squadra Community is on a voluntary basis and that participation is therefore not mandatory. For the implementation of the Squadra Community activities, Squadra Road2Tri may use third-party services at third-party locations, whereby entering the used locations for the participant as well as for the goods and goods of third parties risks for (injury) damage, property damage and consequential damage includes. The participant explicitly takes these risks for his or her account.

Participating in the Squadra Community activities is a (very) strenuous activity. It is therefore not allowed to participate if the participant suffers from neck or back problems, is pregnant, has or has had heart problems, if the participant is in poor condition, short of breath or under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol. By signing this Intake form, the participant declares to be in a good condition to be able to accomplish the physical and mental stress of participating in the Squadra Community activities. The participant also explicitly declares that he has made known any physical or mental limitations that could complicate participation in the Squadra Community activities. In the event that physical or mental limitations should become apparent at the time the Squadra Community activities have started, the participant is obliged to report this immediately to Squadra Road2Tri.

The participant declares to adhere to the instructions, provisions, instructions and / or (safety) regulations of the coaches / supervisors deployed by Squadra Road2Tri. If the participant does not adhere to these instructions and provisions, instructions and / or (safety) regulations, Squadra Road2Tri reserves the express right to exclude the participant immediately from further participation in the Squadra Community activities, without refund of participation costs. .

The participant declares that he / she is willing to compensate Squadra Road2Tri for any damage caused to him / her by persons / property and / or other items caused by Squadra Road2Tri if the participant has not complied with the instructions and regulations of Squadra Road2Tri or the organization that makes the facilities for the implementation of the Squadra Community a available for Squadra Road2Tri.

By agreeing to the general condition, the participant declares that Squadra Road2Tri is entitled to be allowed to make photos, images and videos related to the course and use it for their own promotional activities.